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Custom Smokeless Muzzleloaders

About Our Process

We build custom smokeless muzzleloaders on Thompson Center Encore and Remington bolt action frames. Both of these muzzleloaders are made from the highest match quality stainless cut rifling barrel blanks available and utilize our proprietary ignition system.

What you can expect from our muzzleloaders:

  • 2900 – 3000 fps with a Parker 275 gr sabot-less bullet
  • 1 MOA (minute of angle) accuracy up to 500 yards
  • The energy & accuracy to take big game at 700 yards
  • An easy to use proprietary priming system
  • Over 5000 ft/lbs of energy at the muzzle

Our Models

TC Encore Synthetic Stock

Package I: Complete Kit

  • TC Encore Pro Hunter frame
  • 30" match SS .45 barrel
  • Flex tech stock & fore end
  • Trigger adjusted to a crisp 2 lbs.
  • TC universal ramrod modified to fit Parker bullets
  • 50 primer cases
  • Bullet swagger
  • Crown protector
  • Your choice of camo, black, pistol grip or thumbhole stock

Price: $2500

Package II: Customer-Supplied Stock & Action

  • Customer-supplied Encore frame
  • 30" match SS .45 barrel
  • TC universal ramrod modified to fit Parker bullets
  • 25 primer cases
  • Bullet swagger

Price: $1800